What I Can Do For You As Your Digital Marketer

Throughout the past couple months, I have written many blogs and posted many articles that I believe can help anybody or any startup learn more about the basics of how to market digitally and the importance of it. In fact, just yesterday I read an article about how marketing salaries for great marketers will double in the next five years. It is a growing industry and becoming increasingly more popular in attaining and retaining customers. LinkedIn did a study of the 25 hottest skills in 2014 and four of them are directly marketing related and only getting more popular.

  • #5: SEO/SEM marketing
  • #12: Marketing campaign management
  • #16: Digital and online marketing
  • #20: Channel marketing


Considering the growth in the industry, why would you not want to hire additional, young marketers like myself? On top of that, the marketing industry as a whole is changing and you need somebody fresh off a degree with the right skills to expand your reach. Eventually, all of marketing will be digital and businesses need to keep up with this since it can be a much cheaper and more effective way. From all my blogs through the past couple months, they offer tricks and techniques to effectively and efficiently do all aspects of a digital marketing campaign.

What can I do for you as your digital marketer?

If you have had the chance to read any of my other blogs, you will realize that I am a very quick learner and understand to an extent lots of parts of  a digital campaign. I understand where we are now in terms of digital marketing and where it will go in the future. Whether it’s knowing how to create great content, designing a website, A/B testing your website, optimizing the website, having a good UX and UI, create solid landing pages, or even the basics of coding, I am your guy. That was just the beginning of the list as I encourage you to read the rest of my blogs to further understand how I can help you.

Up until this blog, I have written 7,517 words covering about 15 different topics. I have shown an interest and a passion for this topic that goes beyond the classroom to just a personal interest which will always increase the amount of time spent and the quality of work in a work setting. Although there haven’t been many views on my blogs yet, I am currently designing my own website which will be up soon and have all my blogs which will increase the views and hopefully help more people understand the topics I wrote about.


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