The Growth of Mobile App Marketing and How to Increase App Downloads

As the capabilities of platforms such as smartphones and tablets become more like computers, it only makes sense that there is an increase in internet usage and search platforms. According to the U.S digital future in focus 2014, 56% of U.S digital media consumers constitute the ‘multi-platform majority’ as of December 2013. The U.S mobile app report also by ComScore shares some good data about the growth in mobile app usage as well. One graph I thought was pretty interesting in it was the digital time spent growth driven by apps. In just one year, from June 2013 to June 2014, there was a 52% increase in mobile app minutes spent and a 17% increase in mobile web minutes.

Since mobile apps are becoming increasingly more popular, how do you increase app downloads?  According to this mobile app marketing insights by Google, 26% of installed smartphone apps are used daily and an average user has 36 apps installed on his or her smartphone. Apps are also not most commonly found in the app store, but instead discovered outside the app store. 52% of people are aware of smartphone apps through friends, family, and colleagues. 40% through the app store, 27% through search engines, 24% through a company website, and 22% through TV. So, as you can see, there is a lot of opportunity  in multiple ways to market your mobile app. Since 26% of apps are used daily, having good content and a sustainable business model to retain the traffic is very important in customer retention. Looking further into an article, the best way to increase app downloads is by having search ads. They list out all the different ads that drive downloads and search ads are first with a 50% influence. Social ads were listed at a 49% influence, 47% for banner/graphical ads in apps, 45% for banner/graphical ads in websites, and 43% in video ads. Using any of these techniques will clearly help increase downloads on your app which, with good content, can turn into every day use for the consumer.

This article from the Washington Post talks about the success Starbucks has had using mobile devices for uses such as rewards or payments. The article was written in early January and they said that customers, on average, pay for a purchase using a smartphone 7 million times a week, with mobile payments accounting for just about 16% of purchases. They also have had great success with their rewards program. Last December, the program added nearly 900,000 new members alone. This is also a great way to keep customer retention and usage of their app by having customers go into the app to check their rewards.

The last topic I want to talk about is mobile SEO. Moz provides a fantastic article on building a great mobile site to improve your SEO.

Why is investing in mobile important? Check out this graph of the increase in mobile usage and how it is going to trend in the future.

In fact, Google recently changed their algorithm through their “mobilegeddon” update which gives sites that are more mobile friendly a better ranking. In addition to this for why it is important to invest in mobile is the fact that way back in 2012, 35% of mobile visitors made a purchase on their smartphone.


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