Coding & How it Can Benefit a Digital Marketer

Throughout the past couple months, I have been posting blogs with all the essential basics of strong foundation of digital marketing. Now, I would like to get a little bit into coding and how this can also be a crucial part of the entire process. Before starting on coding, check out this article on all the skills it takes to be a full stack marketer.

So is coding the next must-have skill of the modern marketer? This article from HubSpot says yes and gives reasons why. Code is what lies behind many great marketing campaigns. Websites, emails, apps, and other tools are all made to give customers a better experience and this is because there are smart coders behind the scenes making them work. Here is why coding is a good skill to know for a beginner in digital marketing:

  • Understand the impossible – By understanding code and the structures that bring your sites, apps, and tools to life gives you a good understanding of what is possible in the first place. Understanding code will also help you better understand what tools your designer is using, what other tools are out their, and whether the tool offered to you is right, up to date, and doing what you want it to.
  • Know what it takes – If you don’t know what’s involved in a process, you are not getting the most out of your budget. So, knowing what is involved in building a website, a form, and making a change to an app or navigation site can be very beneficial in getting the most out of your budget. You will then actually be able to have an informed discussion about cost and time frames with the people who implement the ideas. Another important part of knowing what it takes is helping you to decide which company or design partner is right for you in the first place, and will better help you to determine whether they can do what you are asking them to, at the right price, and within the right time frame.
  • Fix it quick – By understanding code, you will know how to make small changes on your own. This can save hours of time and help your budget.

So where can you learn to code? My recommendation would be Code Academy where you are able to learn how to code interactively and for free and not to mention, it has great reviews. Here is one of the first steps of the academy and what it looks like when you first start with just the basics:

After going through each step in the process, you earn badges by completing more advanced steps of the coding process. My experience with code academy was definitely very beneficial in learning the basics of coding. You learn everything from a basicline to adding paragraphs, headings, lists, variables, classes, methods,  and much, much more.  Code Academy can be very beneficial because you are learning through practicing, which is by writing code. Code Academy helps you better understand the basic language of coding which can in turn help with the reasons above as to why I think coding is turning into a very important skill to know. Here is a picture of what you start learning later in the training:

Another website I checked out for this blog was Squarespace which gives you modern, easy to navigate, up-to-date templates for you to design your own website. It is very easy to understand and could be an important tool in getting your business name out there while being able to optimize your content through SEO. Here is a link to my website after fiddling around and making an eCommerce page for about 30 minutes.  For anyone or any business looking to become more searchable, Squarespace is a great way to start. Here are some of the pros and cons I found from using Squarespace:


  • Clean interface – Navigation is simple, clean, and structured which makes it easy to find the setting or sections you are looking for.
  • Easy control of SEO features – Squarespace makes it easy to find and change the SEO features you want to have control over. Page-level metrics such as titles, meta descriptions, and headers are all easy to manage to help improve SEO.
  • Fast site speed – With Google making all the algorithm changes lately, site speed has become increasingly more important which is a good thing if you use Squarespace.
  • All Squarespace templates are designed and responsive to mobile devices.
  • There is a built-in blogging functions and a built-in online store.


  • It is more expensive than some alternatives and there are no free plans.

SquareSpace Monthly Costs (correct as of 23/11/14)

  • The quantity of templates and extensions are limited.

Overall, Squarespace can be a very important tool for a new business looking to create a sleek, easy to use website that can be easily optimized.


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