How Social Media Marketing Can Substantially Help Reach Goals

Did you know that 92% of companies use social media for recruitment? Or that 86% of employers research potential job candidates on social networks? While many people may just think social media is for fun, it is one of the most valuable tools to promote your content and even to be able to get hired.  A good presence on social media can be vital in any business plan for success. Here is a beginner’s guide on social media marketing to first help you understand a little more of the basics and just how important social media can be. The article describes what to do and how to be successful through many different social media platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, and just blogging in general.  These videos from Hubspot also give a good overview of social media. One important point Hubspot has brought up in the content marketing videos as well as the social media videos is the 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of your content should be interesting and helpful, and 20% can be more promotional. I think this is one of the most important messages to remember because as easy as it is to want to promote your brand, being able to have an interactive site to keep customers coming back to view your social media is most important. In the Hubspot videos, they describe on what they think is the best social media practices. Let’s quickly look through each of the them:

  1.  Optimize your profiles – Since social profiles are like mini versions of your website, it is important to not miss out an opportunity to expand your reach since they can be optimized for search exactly.
  2. Personas – Knowing your buyer personas help s greatly in getting the right content to the right place at the right time.
  3. Build reach – Follow, friend, and connect with as many people as possible.
  4. Customize your content to each platform – Make sure that your content is set up to the persona of that specific network.
  5. Analyze to refine – Making sure you always document your results from what you did and fine tuning them to set new goals for the future.

The Hubspot videos take all those practices much more in detail which could help you and your business reach your social media goals. Now let’s take a look at many businesses who have turned these social media practices into successful campaigns. Here are 14 must see social media marketing success stories. One of the more well known brands in the list was Skype, and their Skype Rerouted campaign. What they did was drop off travel blogger, Mike Corey, in  Istanbul with no bags, no plane ticket, and no idea where he was going. Then, during his 15 day, five country tour, he only had access to Skype and Twitter, which were providing clues about his next adventure. After the campaign, Erin Walsh, director of PR for Boost Software Inc, said that “Skype was a dying brand, and this put them back on the map with everyday users and gave them a reputation for being more than a corporate IM tool.”

Another company in the list included Taco Bell, and what they did with their native ads. A native ad is a form of advertising where the advertiser provides content within the context of the user experience. Taco Bell had success with there Live Mas campaign, which was aimed a Millennials. What they did was post images to their Instagram account that were laid back and almost amateurish that gave Taco Bell an approachable, fun feel which led to a successful campaign.

Here are three smaller businesses where social media was a key factor in their rise to success. One of the companies, Herschel Supply Co was able to achieve a 20% lift in customer service satisfaction rate and a 60% increase in overall positive brand sentiment. They were able to do this by trying to answer every question that was either directed or even somewhat directed at their business. They were able to set up search streams in Hootsuite to monitor various hashtags and keywords and then answering anything directed at them for proactive customer support.

Overall, social media can be a great medium for content marketing. It is a tool that should be used by any firm trying to broaden their reach to prospective customers.  Social media can help you heighten your goals for online conversion as well as reaching them later on.

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